Physics Program

While not the oldest science, Physics has evolved over the last four centuries into the most fundamental.  From Aristotle through Newton to Einstein, the science has developed into our primary means of probing the forces that serve as the foundation for everything that happens on all levels, from the subatomic to the large-scale structure of the Universe. Physics, like all the sciences, draws individuals who love a challenge, who find problem-solving and complex puzzles motivating factors for getting up and going to work every day. Critically, the puzzles within Physics often challenge our intuition and demand that we rethink the way we perceive the Universe. Ultimately, all of the physical and biological sciences can be reduced to a form of applied Physics. Thus, the motto for our Department is

Understanding the Universe Starts Here

and the range of research topics under investigation locally bears that out in extraordinary fashion.



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Brian D. Fields, Adrian L. Melott, John Ellis, Adrienne F. Ertel, Brian J. Fry, Bruce S. Lieberman, Zhenghai Liu, Jesse A. Miller, and Brian C. Thomas


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